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  • What is the brand GARDENA ART?
    It is an indication of origin that certifies that the woodcarvings were exclusively made in Val Gardena. Only sculptures that carry a GARDENA ART trademark are officially certified and approved as products 100% made in Val Gardena.

  • Why is there the brand GARDENA ART?
    In order to guarantee the purchaser the originality of its product; to guarantee that it is the result of the centuries old tradition of woodworking in Val Gardena.
    Furthermore the brand will protect the real woodcarvings from Val Gardena and distinguish them from reproductions.

  • When did it originate?
    The registered trademark GARDENA ART was introduced in 1998 by the association of woodcarving manufacturers Gardena Art and may only be used by the active members of the association.

  • What does it guarantee?
    The brand GARDENA ART guarantees the quality and the origin of the relative woodcarving. It proves that the sculpture was made 100% in Val Gardena, in accordance with the traditional working criteria.

  • Who can use it?
    Only companies that are members of the association Gardena Art and guarantee that their woodcarvings are exclusively produced in Val Gardena are authorised to use the GARDENA ART brand.

  • How is the brand used?
    The companies that are members of the association Gardena Art affix an adhesive or a metallic seal to their woodcarvings and attach a certificate of origin that clearly guarantees their origin.

  • Where can I buy woodcarvings from GARDENA ART?
    The sculptures from GARDENA ART are available in many specialty stores in Italy and around the world. We suggest to our customers to always ask for the GARDENA ART brand, since only those products carrying the trademark are exclusively made in Val Gardena.

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