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The art of woodcarving dates from the 16th century. What originally was only a pastime activity during the long snowy winters has become a cultural heritage of considerable importance for the small Ladin Gardena valley.

At first toys, tools and domestic utensils were carved and sold at the spring markets to supplement the meagre returns from farming. Soon the carvers tried some artistic work. In the following years artistic woodcarvings became more and more important and developed to an art form of great reputation throughout the world.

Today, the craftsmanship from Val Gardena impresses in sculptures and objects that reflect the ancient traditions as well as contemporary taste.
Then and now the woodcarvings are to a great extent made by hand. The motives sculpted are mostly inspired by the religious tradition of the Alps, but also non-religious carvings are enjoying a more and more widespread success.

The GARDENA ART woodcarvings are small and unique pieces of art made for those who appreciate artistic values and want to revive an ancient tradition in their homes or in those of their loved ones.