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Val Gardena is not only a popular holiday destination for people from around the world; the region is renowned for its centuries old tradition in woodcarving.
Today gifted craftsmen are reviving these ancient traditions in works reflecting historical flair and a contemporary taste of art.

In 1998 several woodcarving manufacturers founded the Gardena Art Association. The main tasks of this association are the supervision of the local production in regard to quality and origin and the coordination of marketing activities. The association aims at strengthening the image of the GARDENA ART brand and therewith also the image of the authentic, high quality woodcraft from Val Gardena.

As laid down in the association articles, GARDENA ART woodcarvings are exclusively made in Val Gardena and its bordering areas.

At present about 14 woodcarving manufacturers are registered in the association. All these member companies commit themselves to keeping alive the tradition of woodcarving, which in Val Gardena has been passed on from generation to for centuries.

Together with the four members of the association’s board its chairman, Egon Bernardi, represents the interests of the associates toward public and private bodies and coordinates the marketing activities.

Gardena Art is grateful to the Supporting Partners for their considerable assistance.


The tradition, the experience, the know-how and the creativity of the local artisans are the best foundation for creating a strong brand: the brand GARDENA ART.

This brand will help to protect and preserve the Val Gardena artistic craftsmanship. A strong brand strengthens Val Gardena as current and future manufacturing base for high quality woodcarvings. Targeted marketing strategies support a good positioning in the market segment of high quality products. Thus a good local employment situation and a fair remuneration of the sector’s employees can be guaranteed.