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The Nativity Scene
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Skilful artists from art schools of Ortisei and Selva Gardena carve the basic models: true works of art arising from the creative energy of the individual, always new and different. The shape of these models is cast in bronze to be then reproduced by the pantograph.

The wood from the mountain forests of the Alps is the most suitable one for carving. The trunks are cut into thick wooden boards and then reduced to smaller blocks according to the size of the carvings to be produced.

The wooden blocks get their rough shape by the pantograph which is guided by the skilful hands of an expert craftsman. Those rough models are then refined by hand down to their smallest details.

The final stage of production is the decoration. The carvings are painted by hand, with diligence and love for detail. The colours used vary from sculpture to sculpture. Therefore each carving leaving the artist’s hands has its individual touch.